Friday, March 27, 2009

As Promised...

(February 1933, October 1935, December 1960, October 1967)

Vintage Vogue covers are retro and fantastic.


And now... poems! First three will be featured in Clockwise Cat, last one in Apt. Let me know what you think!

sleeping in socks

sleeping in my socks: a rare,
almost scientific occurrence
perhaps solely explainable by
my fierce concentration
upon this new, beautiful being
and complete disregard for
all things regular, shedding
my usual stoicism for
a perpetually foolish smile.

a debacle of the vernacular

i rather like the word fiasco.
you like the word fiasco? what word fiasco?
what do you mean? i like the word fiasco!
a word fiasco? like a verbal disaster?
a debacle of the vernacular? a
distressing situation involving t
he english language?
hat kind of person would think to enjoy a
language calamity?
well, i suppose t
his is a language calamity, and i am quite enjoying myself.
jesus, you take everything so literally. that's the problem with you poets.


we let fly wit
h formulas and theorems
slurring t
he ancient tongues of euclid and
hagoras into a heady shout of battle.
our arrows are taut wit
h number lines,
compasses drawn, protractor blades flas
cartesian planes swoop over
overseeing t
he warfare in calculated silence
as we count t
he dead in imaginary numbers.

san luis obispo

it felt like now
here at first step, but the
sun worked quickly... melted our car stiff
bones into sparkling new structures
fizzy wit
h the feeling of a new town.
he light came in colors and shapes
hat might have been invented for us
in a little well of west coast magic,
he soft bronze blobs on squashy
ht buildings, velvet grey beams
along eac
h pacific cobblestone
under our atlantic feet.
we ate falafel at a wooden table and felt
like we belonged...
a dream catc
her hung
at t
he door, dancing with each opening.

Comments and questions are always appreciated! And a million thanks for all of the congratulations! You guys make my days brighter.


Shin said...

You're such a talented poet! I love reading all your poems, my favorite one is "A debacle of the vernacular". It's like reading a short little story of someone's thoughts in motion.

Anonymous said...

talk about creative darling. thanks for dropping by my love ...and im diggin your page hun..soo fashion like ...
and btw the TOE cleavage is soo sexy i always find that sexy even when wearing flats and stiletto!

Twobreadsplease said...

Poems and vintage covers, you're spoiling us. xx

Isabel said...

tuckers told me the word fiasco story!!!

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh! The vintage covers are so gorgeous. I think I still prefer illustrations over photographs for covers...

Emz said...

That is such a fantastic poem! I love the vintage covers- Is that Twiggy?

Casey said...

I love the bottom left cover! I would die for that hat :]

The Clothes Horse said...

I fully intend to continue blogging after graduation...blogging is just something I do--I did it while studying in Greece and I'll keep doing it as long as I enjoy it no matter what I am doing in my day-to-day. :)

Paperface said...

I really like San Luis Obispo - beautifully written, and feels rich on the tongue.

Lily said...

omg your poetry really is fantastic. When people with blogs say they write poetry 99% of the time it's lame adolescent drivel.

Yours is seriously good. Love Mutiny especially.

I love old Vogues. I bought some from the 1930s on eBay (they might not have been Vogues, but they were fashion magazines, nonetheless!). They're amazing.

Sushi said...

Those covers are wonderful! I love the first one so much x

Parapluie said...

Oh, I love your poems!

ellie said...

so romantic. it has a vintage quality to it.

Flashes of Style said...

Oh I absolutely love the vintage vogue photos! Twiggy is gorgeous <3

ariel romano said...

thanks so much for your comment! (:

Lori said...

thanks for the comment ;)
I found my header picture while randomly typing stuff into google images. it came off of some painter website although i don't know the name of it.

and i'd be happy to exchange links with you ;)

Marilyn Hayward said...

Very nice poetry...and vintage Vogue covers are so wonderful

thischicksgotstyle said...

The painted ones are so cool!
You could easily frame these and hang them. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

nuha nuha said...

a debacle of the vernacular: god i love the whole argument between the writer's and the poet's view of what fiasco is meant in the writer's exclamation.

and and i absoluteeeely adore without a doubt the last two lines of san luis obispo. amazing.

words speak more when read and understood than heard, so i should think. we can translate the meanings with some time but when you hear it spoken, it just slips away and you can't appreciate the beauty of words.

ah look at what you've done! you've brought out the word-lover in me! haha oh i love twiggy!

thank you for commenting on my blog, i love your blog and wanted to comment on EVEYR SINGLE POST but then..ah i just love all of them ;]

gros bisous mon cheri!

nuha nuha said...

oh yes i forgot.

one more thing.

we'll exchange links yes. :]

Anonymous said...


Anna-Maria said...

thanks a lot for your comment (:

nice blog !

frances said...

I love the poems, they're excellent. Sleeping with socks on really freaks me out. x

Maggie May said...

Hi dearie, you are talented and quite charming! I'm a poet as well and am going to link you on my blog, to be visiting back, see you around :)

jules said...

these are really lovely, and i also tagged you.

Gloria C. said...

Such talent!


Love the retro vogue's though :)

Fashionology said...

I love these old vogue covers!! <3

Morena Doll said...

Well thanks for the sweet loving comment. Ugh, you know one of my favorite things in the world are vintage Vogue covers?

You just made me smile.

Alice X said...

vintage vogue is soo lovely:)

Alice X said...

i LOVE the last poem, you are lovely:)

katiecrackernuts said...

I adore Vogue covers. I keep salivating over the Vogue anniversary book that came out a couple of years ago. Keep hoping I'll spy it on a bargain books table. I haven't yet. Sigh.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing me to yours.

ariela♥ said...

You are an amazing poet. I love your imagination and flowingness. (word? you know what I mean!)

I especially like san obispo.

I love poetry too ! You are great, keep writing.

Rachael said...

Congratulations!!! Your poems are beautiful.