Saturday, August 29, 2009

London Calling

Yesterday's metropolitan adventures proved to be extremely successful. Although I lost the bidding war for the floral Doc Martens on eBay, it was a mere three or four hours after the auction closed before I stumbled upon a Craigslist seller getting rid of this pair, miraculously in my size. Infinite thanks to Rachel in Union Square for bestowing these upon me!

As soon as I slipped the boots on, my thoughts of creamy blouses and slouchy tees ran straight out of my head. I wanted black, tight, edgy, reminiscent of London grunge and seventies punk.

After we got my boots, the three of us scooted over to Forever 21 in Union Square and spent more than two hours there. I found not only the neutral basics I felt were missing from my wardrobe, but the perfect items to fulfill my rocker fantasies. I fell in love with this clean, sophisticated take on the whole concept.

I picked up the blazer just this morning at the thrift store bag sale, which was honestly one of the most frenzied and exhausting experiences of my life. I did come away with a stack of old art books and quite a few crazy clothing items, which you will surely see soon.

Out of the hundreds (or more likely thousands) of outfits I have ever put together, this one makes me feel better inside and out than nearly all of them.

Forever 21 tee and skirt, vintage blazer and Doc Martens, gifted ring

I might wear this on the first day of school, depending on the weather. It's undoubtedly one of my favorite outfits I have ever worn, which means I will be wearing it (and variations on it) a lot! I think wearing an outfit once is the silliest thing. If you love and feel great in something, why not repeat it?

In addition to the tee and skirt, I got a few other basic items that will be cropping up soon and often, plus all my crazy finds from the bag sale! In short, be prepared for plenty of exciting outfit posts.

I start school in two days! Call me loony for being so impatient, but I cannot help it. School means my friends, exciting new classes, a sparkly new season for both weather and fashion... now aren't you excited too?

Thursday, August 27, 2009


My love affair with this blazer continues relentlessly. I have literally been throwing it on over everything since I bought it.

As soon as I picked up this delicious silk shirt, I knew precisely what I wanted to wear with it: a pair of crisp, clean white shorts. I love the color contrast so much, and the way the belt breaks up the whole silhouette.

Everything is vintage.
Untucked! I am already imagining a dozen ways to wear this. I think oversized silk shirts are undoubtedly one of my favorite things to wear.

In other news, I am finally home! I never thought I could miss my bland little suburb so much, but being away from my friends and my routine for so long has got me incredibly excited for this year to start. In some ways I feel like this summer hardly existed, that it was just a blip, nothing more than a long weekend. Looking back on everything I did in the past ten weeks, it feels like a different life. And honestly, I'm so excited to get back to mine!

Exciting thing: on Saturday morning my local thrift shop is having what they call a bag sale, where you can come in and fill up a bag with stuff for ten dollars! Meaning I will have plenty of goodies to show you soon.
Another exciting thing: I am dyeing my hair soon! I dyed it last October and was extremely pleased with the results, so here I go again. Nothing crazy (like platinum blonde or magenta), but it will be noticeably different. Just wait and see...
Yet another exciting thing: Tomorrow I am traipsing into New York City with two of my favorite ladies, Emmy and Sylvia, for a whirlwind day of fabulous adventures. Expect lots of pictures, anecdotes, and perhaps some new clothes upon my return!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fall Wardrobe // I NEED YOUR HELP!

Slim blazers, simple tees and tanks in dark neutrals, a romantic lace skirt, sheer blouses in creamy shades, black bandage skirts, quintessential ballet shoes, brown leather oxfords, short slouchy boots...

In short, what I dream of wearing this fall. Dark staples offset by dreamy, ballet-inspired pieces, accessorized with colored tights and simple, elegant gold jewelry...

... and these.


I found the perfect, perfect pair on eBay and the bidding ends in thirty hours, so I need you all to answer me this: how do Doc Marten sizes run compared to regular shoes? If I normally wear an 8 or 8.5, what American size would I be in Docs?
This is of the utmost importance. Thank you thank you thank you!

(Topshop blazers, ballet flats, printed crop top, and lace shirt; Old Navy tees and tank; Forever 21 skirts, sweater vest, boots, and floral blouse; Steve Madden oxfords)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hel's Angels

Recently my creativity seems to have been sapped from me. Maybe I have been stranded on this island too long, or perhaps my head is so full of American history that I have little room left for anything else. But rejoice! I have discovered my newest fashion muses, all straight from HEL LOOKS, who will hopefully stir up the creative juices that are simmering about inside me.

HEL LOOKS is undoubtedly my favorite street style site. Everyone is so gloriously unique, and that itself gives Helsinki a signature style. I really love how everybody looks like a real person, snapped in a photograph in the midst of their busy lives rather than some pouty women just posing for a picture.

I am seriously digging all the billowy trousers, nonbulky layers, simple colors, and quirky footwear these ladies are sporting. The last two looks are my favorite - the contrast of an oversized jacket with skinny, cozy leggings is effortlessly stylish, and those mint green shoes are a genius finishing touch to an otherwise colorless outfit.

Come fall, these are definitely looks that I want to emulate. But beyond the clothes, it's the attitude with which all of these outfits are worn that I admire. These ladies are confident and comfortable, and what's more timeless or fashionable than that?

Sunday, August 16, 2009


As you might recall, I kicked off my summer with a short trip to Martha's Vineyard, accompanied by one of my favorite people on the planet. I showed you some pictures from my favorite night, and here are a few more photos from that fantabulous week that, in a whirlwind of Paris preparations, I never got around to posting...

The stellar summer playlist we listened to all week.

This is the Vineyard Sound, the male a cappella group that returns to the island every summer. Their lineup always changes from year to year, but it always comprises college age guys from the East Coast. They occasionally troll the streets to promote their shows, and we were lucky enough to catch them in the act! If you ever come to visit, you must see them as they are fantastically talented and completely adorable.

Our daily ritual: get iced coffee and sit on a dock somewhere in one of the three harbor towns. It was pretty overcast most of the trip, so we did little beaching and a lot of window shopping.

I stole... I mean, borrowed these jeans from Tucker for about half our trip. They are incredibly comfortable and soft, definitely need to get myself a pair.

So many pretty flowers everywhere. I think this place has the most immaculately groomed houses I have ever seen.

Everything is so cute and colonial! I loved that little lemonade stand.

My favorite coffee spot.

We spent a lot of time sitting and watching the ocean. It was very relaxing and nice.

I have not been feeling terribly inspired the past few days, mostly because I miss my friends and being home. I miss Paris so much too, and how much freedom I had there to virtually go anywhere at any time.

On the bright side, I ate brownies tonight and got my junior year schedule! AP English, AP Calculus, AP U.S. History, French, Honors Physics, Select Chorus... everything looks pretty good. Believe it or not, I am psyched for school to start again.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I Want To Go Down In Celluloid History

Currently drinking: Just finished a really yummy tomato juice concoction.

Currently eating: Nothing. But I am seriously craving something summery and avocado related. Any of the following would be more than acceptable.

Current grooving to: "Frankly Mr. Shankly" by The Smiths. This has been a perpetual groove for the past week or so. It's so good.

Currently supposed to be doing: Summer work for AP U.S. History. But I was extremely productive yesterday so blogging before I start again is my reward.

Currently wearing on your feet: Nothing! Summer is the time to be barefoot as much as possible.

Currently looking forward to: Autumn, and school starting, crazy as that may sound. I miss my friends and doing things. Also I miss putting on outfits that people other than my family will see.

Currently wanting: A lifetime supply of James Perse shirts. They are so unbelievably deliciously soft and slouchy and perfect.

Currently amused by: "Frankly Mr. Shankly" because it seriously is the funniest song ever. Just please read the lyrics, they are absolutely brilliant.

Current state of happiness: Very happy, mostly because school is starting soon and my summer work has turned out to be not nearly as daunting as I expected.

Current favorite song: You should be able to guess that!

Current favorite meal: Lobster. There are few things more satisfying than cracking, drowning in butter, and gobbling down a lobster.

Current favorite movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Such a gorgeous film. The montage of Benjamin and Daisy in their apartment is my favorite part. It's so carefree and sweet and beautiful.

Currently reading: Luncheon of the Boating Party again, and a small Pablo Neruda volume that goes with me everywhere these days. I finally finished On The Road!

Currently hearing: "The Crane Wife 3" and the dull roar of a plane. Our house here is right by the airport.

Current favorite person: Brad Pitt. After watching Benjamin Button and Fight Club again I am thoroughly convinced that he is not overrated. He is truly talented and indecently attractive.

Currently wearing: French boy shirt and navy blue shorts. I have been seriously digging navy blue lately.

Currently thinking about: Shoes. More specifically, these Steve Madden oxfords, and how badly I want a pair of flat black leather ankle boots.

Sadly, I must now return to the wonderful world of Federalists and proprietary colonies and native rebellions and all that joyous stuff that once happened in my home country. Wish me luck!