Monday, August 10, 2009

Perfect Light & Dinghy Adventures

I have quickly gotten absolutely addicted to this blazer. It's the perfect throw-it-on-over-anything-to-make-my-outfit-spectacularly-classy-and-pulled-together item.

These shorts have also become a fast friend. The silky fabric and superbly comfy elastic waist have got me never wanting to take them off (even if they once belonged to a senior citizen).

I think I will make a spectacular old person.

I am now back in Martha's Vineyard for the third time after a lovely hiatus at home, and this time I have brought along my dearest friend (and photographer!) Sylvia. Her camera, combined with nifty editing, made for some incredible shots. I think. You be the judge!

This gorgeous clearing is in the back of our house. I think I have poison ivy on my feet from traipsing around in it so much, but it was totally worth it.

I think the above is my favorite picture of the day.

The first one below is undoubtedly Sylvia's favorite. She said I look Italian.

After we took these I started to get quite silly and performed an impromptu karate routine. Sylvia captured quite a few memorable action shots.

This is one is just hilarious.

Vintage blazer and shorts, Target slouchy tee, ancient Gap flats

Earlier today Sylvia and I had an absolutely crazy adventure.
We were sitting on the dock eating enormous ice creams when two people chugged in on their dinghy, sipping wine and looking generally pleased with life. They started chatting with us and we expressed interest in their dinghy, and the man told us we could take it for a ride.
We were disbelieving at first, but they were extremely friendly (and probably more than slightly drunk) and told us we could use it. Then they departed, leaving the dinghy at our disposal. Instead of braving the motor, we used the attached oars to push away from the dock and basically paddle in circles for a few minutes. It was extremely enjoyable.
Then the time came to row back in. We were having an inordinate amount of trouble coordinating our rowing and therefore kept turning every which way rather than row toward the dock. It took us about ten minutes to row back the ten feet to the dock, with a guy who had just come back in his dinghy telling us which way to paddle.
All the while we were giggling hysterically, and everybody around was laughing at us. It was simultaneously mortifying and the most fun I have ever had. Definitely take a look at Sylvia's blog for the photographic evidence of our insanely fun evening.
What crazy shenanigans have you all gotten up to this summer?


Anna G said...

That's such an awesome person. I love to borrow a boat, such as a dinghy. I adore those shorts, old people always have cool stuff.

Grace said...

I love your geriatric style! I feel the same way some times. But you rock it out lady.

Love Grace.

What Was I Thinking? said...

What a great summer look!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

What Was I Thinking?

Mouthwash said...

Such cute flats! And I love your hair!! Hurray for curls!!


Polished Sense said...

Love your shoes and shorts! Great shots!


Taryn said...

Where you are looks so beautiful and relaxing! Love the lose fit of those pants both rolled and unrolled. cute!

Amelia said...

The lighting in these pictures is gorgeous. I love the colors in this outfit.

thischicksgotstyle said...

The color combination of these shorts and the jacket is really pretty!!

Parapluie said...

The light in the photos looks beautiful and I really like your outfit!

Anonymous said...

loving the blazer
fun print on the shoe as well
the color of the shorts is really fun

check out my blog @

asunlitday said...

Loving the shorts, especially when they're rolled up. Very cool blazer as well. Awesome outfit overall!

That sounds like sooo much fun! I love Sylvia's blog, and yours too of course.

Rosie Unknown said...

Gorgeous pictures! I haven't had any crazy adventures yet, but some are sure to come when some friends visit this weekend.

Fashion Moment said...

Great pants!


Beth said...

Great outfit, love that jacket especially.
Super cute photos as well btw.
Lol and I have been getting the metro to the beach with my friends all summer! Your short but enjoyable dingy experience sounds hilarious though. Just checking out the photos now haha
Beth xx

Suzanne said...

nice :)

Isabel said...

Old people are awesome. Therefore, old people clothing is awesome.

Aya Smith said...

Those shorts are great! So is the cardigan, it really "polishes" the look, I think! Still in love with your hair :)

Hanako66 said...

I really like this outfit and what a backdrop!

Ine said...

You look cute, and you remind me of "Baby" from Dirty Dancing!

The Stylish Wanderer Email said...

Hey there lady. I got my shorts this past week!

Those shorts youre sporting are pretty cool.

Style & Beyond said...

you're having too much fun in the woods!! jealous :) LOVE THEM ALL!!!


Y said...

Lovely photos - you look good!!

(stop by my blog if you have time!)

Lucie said...

Ohhhh as per usual your pictures made me smile =] Can i also ask where you got that blazer from? it is LOVE!


Anonymous said...


I really enjoy your blog and I linked you in my latest post 'Bloggers in Wonderland' as it is about how 'Alice in Wonderland' influences bloggers. Check out the post at the link below - hope you like it!

Polly x

Alena said...

Awesome pics.! Your outfit features some of my favorite things right now.

Lilli said...

Great color pants! You remind me of Baby from Dirty Dancing.. I love love that movie! lol.

Fashionography. said...

I love your blazer!

lin said...