Monday, April 6, 2009

On Your Way To The Best Years Of Your Life

Good news: a brand spanking new laptop should be arriving on my doorstep in three to five business days! Thank goodness. I miss using my own computer.

From kosmodisk at flickr. They feel so warm and summery and intimate.

I want these harem pants from Babooshka Boutique so badly. Jane and Camille both have a pair, and they look like the most comfortable things in the entire world. My current primary obsession.

Scratch that. These are my new primary obsession. The perfect black ballet flats, Christian Louboutin in my size, for $150 on Shoes And Your Mom. I'm sure they'll sell before I can even pluck up the nerve to beg my mom for them, but they are just so delicious that I need to salivate over them here for a little bit.

Sniffle shudder weep. I want them.
Someone should buy them for me.
You would be eternally graced with my undying love.

Okay thanks.

Saw this photo on Sart today and it honestly made me go weak at the knees. It's just so lovely and perfect. This isn't just fashion, it's photography. That may sound stupid, but hopefully you get what I mean. This is such a stunning picture.

What I'm Looking Foward To

Getting my computer!
Visiting the Cézanne exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art!
Franz Ferdinand!
Getting my braces off two weeks from today!

Life is not too shabby right now. What are you looking foward to?


Maggie May said...

ooo i love flats. i have about 7 pairs which is a lot for me!

CFXD said...

1) blog posts that aren't this happy/gushing
2) chem wins (fantastical)

Sylvia Cunningham said...

What am I looking forward to?
1) Our DIY day of shopping, books, and collaging
2) DC TRIP!!!!!!!! BUT REALLY. Like picture galore epic mania.
3) Summer
4) Variety show
5) Going upstairs and eating some more funfetti cake...I'm having this reoccuring nightmare that my mom will throw it away because she thinks I don't want cake that will soon near on being five days old. She would be mistaken.
6) Do you want me to send you a postcard from Germany?

So my list kind of ended.
I love you and g'night

Shin said...

Yay for the new computer! I'm saving to buy the Apple Air..can't wait for the day until I can finally get it. I really love the photos, the shadow in the last picture is really amazing! I'm looking forward to a happy day. That's about it.

Diane said...

Oh my, that picture from the Sartorialist is stunning!! It's so beautiful, I can't stop scrolling back up to look at it.

Parapluie said...

Oh, the photos are so pretty! Those ballet flats are wonderful :)

Eden said...

yeah, youre absolutely right---the last shot is superb in many,many levels. and great that youre having a new computer!

what i'm looking forward to is my week at Bantayan Island (tropical beach place)... tons of parties, beaching.. i cant sleep with anticipation!

much love


Too Many Tights said...

The Sartorialist pic is sweet - but interesting point; those tights are actually PINK! Not sure if that's photoshop or the light...

proudly says, said...

i love the last photo!...
...the beaded shorts, red tights and shoes!

i'm looking forward to a warm weather so i could take mr. freddy for a walk at the park.

Kay said...

I love those first two photos, so summery.
The shoes! I wish Christian Louboutin would do more flats.
And I cannot believe that girl makes red tights look so right

Twobreadsplease said...

Yay for new new laptops! Those ballet flats are very nice. I'm in love with the acne sandals in the last photo though, I want a pair so baddddd. x

Anonymous said...

I get you. It's art.

Currently I'm building my ballet flats collection. I have purple, crochet brown, black with a big bow (just bought them yesterday, I'm IN LOVE with them), and graffiti. X)

~Violet McCullum

is said...

wait wait wait, you're a size 8? we could share shoes.

Emz said...

Babooshka Boutique! I love them, too bad I can't bring myself to spend money right now, whoopee for the shopping ban! Those shoes are so great too! Yay for new laptops!!

Trendy Gourmandise said...

love the first pics

cswslaura said...

thanx for the site, i didnt know it. now im gonna be on it all the time

Pansieberry said...

a new laptop! sounds exciting!
i love the photos of the girls lying in the grass...can't wait for summer!!

Marilyn Hayward said...

I'm looking forward to summer, or at least this weekend. College is such a drag when it comes to work load, especially when I want my life to look like the first two photos you posted, haha!

Darrah said...

I've been seeing a lot of harem pants on people's hit lists. They are beginning to wear on me.

The Clothes Horse said...

Those first pictures are gorgeous. That last one totally reminded me of Susie Bubble when I first saw it--even if it wasn't her, I swear it someone who read her blog!

Flashes of Style said...

Congrata on the new laptop! I am totally in love with the 2nd photo.

hazel said...

hmmMMmm been wanting to see the Cezanne exhibit, i probably will over break

maybe, miraculously, we run into each other there!
and you'll see my true identity!
57 year old man!
that was a terrible joke.

Paperface said...

Thanks so much for sharing that quote!

black vanilla rose said...

Lovely blog :] I especially love the second pic, how beautiful is that blouse xxx

Posh said...

OMG, that pair of harem pants is so AMAZING!!!

Lightning Heart said...

oh man, i want those harem pants too, hahah they're brilliant!

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