Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This, thanks in very large part to all of you and your amazing support, is my one hundredth post.

I honestly could not imagine I would have continued with this blog very long had it not been for all of the kindness, sincerity, and inspiration I have felt since I began. So to kick off the big one zero zero, I just wanted to say the most enormous thank you to anyone who has ever read my blog, left me a comment, given me an award, or even just dropped by for a quick look. You guys make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

To celebrate the big centennial, I have spent the past few weeks compiling a list of one hundred things that I love. Silly and sincere, material and emotional, related to blogging or not, it's all in here. So here you go, in no particular order, those things in life that always make me smile, that simply by existing have made my world a happier place to be.

(P.S. All photos from weheartit unless otherwise stated)

100 Things I Love

Vintage granny sweaters. Obviously.
Completing a poem. Writing one, I mean. It's honestly the most satisfying feeling in the world.
Candles. Beautiful and romantic. Plus, matches are so much fun to light.
White Hanes tees. There are few things more perfect in their simplicity than a plain Hanes undershirt.
Soy chai lattes. So yummy, especially on cold rainy days. Starbucks just knows how to do it.

Red lipstick. I like to wear it when I audition for things. It makes me feel glamorous and not completely myself (in a good way).
Getting dressed up for no reason. Complete with jewelry and fancy shoes. It just makes me feel good!
The fresh, earthy smell of everything after a huge rainstorm. Undoubtedly one of the most refreshing and intoxicating smells ever.
Discovering a song that I cannot get enough of. Most recently, "Nightswimming" by R.E.M. and "Man in a Shed" by Nick Drake.
Going to concerts. Seeing live music is so invigorating. This was at Death Cab for Cutie, probably the best concert I have attended.

Eating breakfast for dinner. Especially at diners.
Discussing Harry Potter at length. It never gets old, and probably never will.
The smell of new books. Crispy and clean and delicious.
Yellow legal pads.
I used to like writing and doodling in Moleskines, but they started to feel too intimidating. Legal pads are very unassuming and don't judge you when you cross stuff out or splotch ink (which Moleskines definitely do).
Rings. Undoubtedly my favorite variety of jewelry.

Watching the sun rise. Especially after staying up all night. It's so cleansing and tranquil.
Stargazing. A preferred activity of me and my friends, particularly when it starts to get warm out and everything smells delicious and you can hear the crickets.
Going to the movies with my mom. Usually, either we love it or we hate it. The ones we hate sometimes end up being more fun.
Hazelnut gelato. Possibly my favorite edible thing on the entire planet. It's splendiferous.
Musée Marmottan. Probably my favorite museum in Paris, and maybe in the world. The Monet collection is absolutely breathtaking.

A perfectly warm spring twilight. You know the kind. They are exquisite.
Seeing Broadway shows. I always get excited about seeing shows. There is such an amazing energy about a theater right before the lights go down.
Central Park. It completely makes up for the fact that New York City has no other greenery. Seriously, it's the perfect place to do just about anything. Especially take pictures and eat croissants with your best friend.
Visiting art museums. Aside from Marmottan, the Phillips Collection in Washington D.C. is probably my favorite museum. It's just the right size and has the most incredibly diverse art collection.
Diner coffee. So bad it's good.
The smell of old books. Decrepit and romantic and delicious.

Kinder Bueno. Hands down the best candy ever. You just can't go wrong with chocolate and hazelnut.
Peppermint tea. I drink it pretty much daily the second the weather starts to cool down. It has this magical quality of either being really invigorating or really relaxing.
Really long, hot showers. My favorite way to relax or avoid thinking about stressful things. It's impossible to be stressed out while taking a deliciously scalding shower.
Doing puzzles. I have always liked them, and for no apparent reason. They're how I keep myself mentally alert during the summer (along with playing Sudoku nonstop).
Finding a great blog. Lately I have been digging Sequin Magazine and Cheap Thrills for their gorgeous, striking photographs.

My room first thing in the morning. Somehow, no matter what the season, I always wake up with my room bathed in this gorgeous, pale light. It's really peaceful.
The first really significant snowfall of the season. That sensation of waking up, burrowed cozily under all my blankets, and just knowing there's this huge blanket of snow outside - it's the most magical thing.
Cilantro. It makes all food better, and the smell is so divine.
Thick, soft towels. There are few things better than wrapping yourself in a lush towel after a shower. These are probably the most luxurious I've ever used, believe it or not.
Staying up all night. Plain, delirious, unexplainable fun.
Plaid. Otherwise known as the best pattern ever. I will never tire of it.

Trying things on in my grandma's closet. I enjoy it as much now as I did when I was little. There's just something very magical about literally stepping into your grandma's shoes and clasping on her glittery jewelry.
Falafel. As you can see here, I always enjoy it. If you've never eaten any, please do so immediately!
A really good closet purge. Whenever I feel painfully uninspired by my clothes, I literally pull everything in my closet off its hanger, try every single item on, and usually end up getting rid of at least half a dozen things. It usually gets my fashion juices flowing again!
Going to the beach on cloudy days. Bundling up in a sweater and jeans and sitting by the ocean is such a lovely, reflective experience.
Making mixed tapes. Bestowing music upon other people makes me incredibly excited. I think making a great playlist is truly an art.

Good hair days. Probably more than most people, I appreciate when my hair behaves.
Lying on really cushy grass. One of my friends has the most incredibly soft lawn. It's amazing. You can definitely tell the difference between an average lawn and a really spectacular one.
Writing essays. I know, this is weird. But I really do enjoy it.
Entertaining reviews of musicians I like. This one in particular stands out. Blender does glorious things.
The following photograph. They're both wearing stripes! It's just too cute! Whoever got these two together, and for such a chummy picture, deserves a really big kiss.

Pictures taken against brick walls. They always seem to have such a raw, spontaneous quality.
Vintage postcards. I bought a ton while I was in Paris that have the most gorgeous old drawings and pictures of different Parisian landmarks, and most of them are written on!
Hershey bars. Chocolate in its simplest form. Pure bliss.
Listening to acoustic guitar. It's just always pretty. Especially when accompanied by poetic male vocals.
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Whenever I visit California, it's the first place I go. Their English breakfast tea lattes are so delicious. Please come to the east coast!
Sequins. Always festive and always fitting. Really, when are sequins not okay?

Hugs. Both initiating and receiving them. I honestly think people who dislike hugs are just really strange. I don't understand! What's not to like about a hug?
Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. Though I have yet to get my hands on a bottle, I tried a sample vial once and it's my favorite perfume I have ever used. It's just perfect. Really.
Plain black pumps. I rarely wear heels, mostly because I am never comfortable in them for long, but there is something so irresistible to me about simple black pumps. They're classic and they go with everything - it's about time I got my hands on a pair!
Sex & The City. Not only is it really brilliantly written, but it has the best clothes. On any television show. Ever. It will never be beat. Seriously.
Popovers. Absurdly easy to make, and so delicious under a pile of whipped cream.

Cologne. I have always contemplated wearing cologne because there are some male scents that are just better than any perfumes. Namely, Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte.
Pajamas fresh out of the dryer. Nothing is cozier. Nothing.
America's Next Top Model marathons. Or, as they are so cleverly named, "modelthons."
Trashy eighties music. Like diner coffee, so bad it's good. Lately I have been completely addicted to "Take On Me" by A-Ha. Please listen to it, and prepare for the craziest high notes you will ever hear a man sing.
Camden Market. Definitely my favorite part of London. It has such a raw, incredible energy.

Blazers. As you have probably guessed. I think they are always a perfect finishing touch, and can often turn a plain outfit into an interesting one.
Tartines. Best eaten while actually in France. After hazelnut gelato these are definitely my favorite food.
Katharine Hepburn. As I rhapsodized here, I think she is one of the most incredible women in history: intelligent, confident, poised, stylish, and audacious.
Really great museum exhibitions. Like the Cézanne installation I saw a few months ago in Philadelphia. Earlier this year I also went to an incredible Van Gogh exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
Sunsets. I think this needs no elaboration.

Hearing a song I like on the radio. Since most of the music I like is never played on the radio, it feels like finding buried treasure!
Air conditioning. Although sometimes it seems that modern technology has gone too far, air conditioning is not an example of this. It's completely ingenious.
Walking home in the rain. Especially cold rain. It's so refreshing and beautiful.
Chicken fingers. As far as junk food goes, they are world class.
Hedi Slimane photography. I have posted his photos so many times, and I will probably never stop doing so. His shots of Sasha Pivovarova for the April 2008 issue of French Vogue continue to be some of my favorite photographs ever.

Shakespeare & Co. It's hard to describe exactly what I love so much about this tiny bookstore in Paris, but it has such a rich history and I am going to live there when I decide to be a struggling writer in Paris.
Figuring out the reference to an obscurely titled book. Like with The Bell Jar, it's the most satisfying and surprising feeling to come across that little reference to the title.
Pablo Neruda. I do not read a lot of romance poetry, but his writing just makes me starry eyed. It's so unbelievably beautiful.
Peonies. They are the most exquisite and fragrant flower.
Brown leather. Much more so than black. It's softer, earthier, more versatile, and somehow it always feels romantically antique.
The Hazards of Love. Definitely one of my favorite albums in a very long time. I think I spent literally about a month listening to it exclusively. Everything about it blows me away.

Slouchy clothing. Trousers, tees, boots, sweaters... anything.
Playing Solitaire on my computer. I am ace at computer card games. Seriously. They are my favorite distraction from schoolwork.
Hammocks. So lazy and lovely, and they always remind me of summer.
Swimming in my clothes. Another one of those unexplainable things. It's just so much fun.
The word glorious. You have probably figured that out by now. It just always works!
Twinkly white Christmas lights. They just make me so happy, especially wrapped around trellises and trees. It's impossible to be upset while looking at strings of Christmas lights.

Hot tubs during snowfall. There are few things yummier than sitting in an outdoor hot tub while snow is falling lightly.
Indian food. I am a fan of most ethnic food, but Indian is definitely my favorite. All the spices and meats and vegetables... and naan... and my favorite local Indian restaurant has the most incredible rose petal ice cream. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
Street style blogs. They are honestly my favorite form of fashion inspiration, far above any fashion magazines or celebrities. Hel Looks is just consistently brilliant.
Camp. I know a lot of people go to summer camp, but mine is literally my favorite place in the world. For real. I spent six summers there and will hopefully return next year as a counselor, and it's hard to put into words exactly what I love about it so much. Mostly, I think I am never as much myself as I am there.
This wedding ring. If I ever decide to get married, I will never wear a traditional ring. This one was posted recently by Valerie from Bleach Black and belongs to her mother. It truly takes my breath away.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Definitely a camp thing. It's the ultimate comfort food combination, and always reminds me of being there.
Driving up the California coast. I have only done this once, but it was such a breathtaking experience. If you ever get a chance, definitely take the trip!
Kurt Vonnegut. I think he is one of the greatest storytellers of all time. His favorite book of mine (so far) is Bluebeard, so if you're thinking about picking up some Vonnegut I would definitely recommend that one!
Sitting on docks. Particularly just before the sun starts to set and the water is reflecting the sunlight in the most mesmerizing way.
Sasha Pivovarova for H&M. The ads are youthful, glamorous, and just the right amount of ridiculous, and Sasha is stunning as always.

Boots. Definitely my favorite variety of footwear. Right now I am craving a pair of really short, slouchy ankle boots in a beautiful brown leather.
Silk. Decadent and glamorous. I have too many oversized vintage silk shirts to count, they are such an excellent alternative to plain cotton tees.
Tattoos of stars. Nothing too big and ornate, but I love the look of tiny little stars. In my opinion, Rihanna did it perfectly.
French poetry. I bought so many books of French poetry this summer. It's kind of insane. My favorite is a collection of twenty prose poems by Baudelaire, with translations in English in addition to the original French. His writing is absolutely exquisite.
Marni Autumn/Winter 2009 Ready-to-Wear. This remains one of my favorite collections ever. The impeccable styling, the glitzy jewelry, the rich color palette and lush patterns, the amazingly versatile separates... there is not a single look I dislike.

Again, I just want to say thank you for everything. Here's to another hundred!


Liya said...

this was a beyond fantastic post
i loved loved loved reading it
and i love love love your blog
congrats on your 100th girl!
and thanks for stopping by :)



emily said...

congrats on reaching 100! i have yet to make it that far, but hope to be there soon... and awesome list, i wanted to comment about everything but i can't. let's just say i agree with everything. :)

freeteyme said...

congratulations on your 100th post!

Sylvia said...

Amazing! Read every single one. And it's so you. Can't wait for the next 100 of fabulousness!

Laura Gerencser said...

Excellent post!! Loved it and related to a lot of what you said. We have a lot of similar favorites!:)

Ruta said...

awww that was so amazing, we actually have a lot in common. i loved that post. it was written really beautifully as well.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your amazing 100 posts, I look forward to hundreds more :)

I adored this list and totally related to it:

-I have such fond memories and the best of friends from summer camp

-oh god, I live in DC now and love art museums but I've only been to the Phillips once for one specific exhibit, must go more!

-hersheys, as crappy as it is, is sometimes just better than godiva

-i can never get sick of harry potter, sadly i realized less people are as obsessed in college as my hs friends

Anna said...

Congratulations on 100 posts! I love your blog, it was one of the first I read, and it inspired me to start a blog of my own too :)

Anonymous said...

congrats on 100. and i love the marni collection. popovers are delicious! i really want to go to a broadway show. i never get to go to concerts because i have practically no free time. sunsets are amazing. i love both shots of sasha pivovarova.

Summer said...

Love your post. Amazing! Looking forward on your next post. =D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

Parapluie said...

Oh, what an amazing post! I love Kinder Bueno, too :)

daisychain said...

Happy 100!

angie Leopold said...

that ring with the blue stone is gorgeous!

Ania said...

what a glorious :) post.
made me smile a lot! really enjoyed it.


natalie said...

I love this post, really enjoyed reading it! I can relate to a lot of the trings you wrote but I have to pick the mention to R.E.M.'s "Nightswimming". A beautiful song by my favourite band! :)

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I agree with so many of your 100 things you love! Some of them sound so great, like "The first really significant snowfall of the season", but will never happen where I live unfortunalty.

Lovely post, I loved reading it!

Little Bo Peeep said...

Weehheey congrats on your hundredth post! :D:D
Ahh i love almost all the things you love too haha. I just found out how much i love doing puzzles this summer and i'm willing to do more! It takes off the pressure from what you worry about.

Kara said...

Excellent list! I LOVE Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's English Breakfast Lattes. SO GREAT. Congrats on your 100th!

Sammi said...

Beautiful, really long list. I'll admit I didn't read ALL of it, but I got the point. I disagree with very few...most would actually make my list.
I wish my blog was as popular as yours. Congrats on 100!

Gabbi said...

Wonderful 100 list! I love the rings you posted and now I'm craving popovers... :)

Lemon said...

loved reading this...and going "ME TOO!" to so many of them. congrats on the 100th ;)

indigotangerine said...

epic post! I totally agreed on most of these. Harry Potter, art museums, granny sweaters, and lipstick! Yes please! I would never eat grilled cheese or tomato soup on thier own, but together, they are somehow perfect

blorange dice said...

wowza, i definitely just read that whole post, haha. it was amazing!!! loved every second. and congrats on your 100 posts! your blog is awesome.

p.s. it's insane how perfectly you worded some of my exact thoughts on this list. particularly those related to cold/weather/rain, sunsets and sunrises, live music, mornings, broadway shows, air conditioning, etc. oh, and trashy eighties music. i can't help but to love it!

p.s.s. grandma's closets are the best! (:

Britty said...

great i was thinking about doing to i have to anwser the black bold!
but this awesome! great post

lydia said...

this was such a wonderful post! i think i like about half of the things on here. thanks for visiting my blog!

S.Elisabeth said...

Yay 100th!! Congrats! And I love this whole post. We pretty much love most of the same things! Ha

REread said...

what an awesome list ... sooo with you on the hot long showers!!

Ann said...

it sounds silly but i found myself in you while reading those 100 little things.
breakfast for dinner, smell of old books, good hair day, hearing your favourite song from radio and so on..perfect!

Helen said...

i actually used to wear men's aftershave when i was like 15 cos i wanted to be 'different' and 'cool' haha. i just really liked the smell of calvin klein's crave... my boyfriend actually wears it now, all these years later hehe

Hippie Frou Frou said...

that wedding ring is a dream, looks like sea creatures floating around. pretty pretty

jess s//

asunlitday said...

I love and agree with every single thing you wrote in this post. I already love your blog but now I love it this much more*stretches arms as wide as they'll go*

Grace said...

Happy 100th! So much on here sounds like me. Love, love Kurt Vonnegut.

Love Grace.

Rosie Unknown said...

Mega congrats!

Love the list!

Hayley said...

this was such a great idea to celebrate with (:

Anna said...

Hi, Its Anna again! I just wanted to ask if you had any tips for getting more readers for my blog?

K said...

The 100 things you love are beautiful.

Emma said...

Ahhh i really enjoyed reading this. i wish i could meet you because you sound like an amazing/interesting person and we like A LOT of the same things. Thanks for posting, your blog continues to be one of my faves.


Christen said...

What a wonderful post! I loved reading this and am totally going to steal your idea :)

♥B said...

Wonderfully long post :)

I love "The fresh, earthy smell" after a rainy day too! It reminds me of my younger years in Mexico!


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