Tuesday, September 29, 2009

La Vie Quotidienne

1. Ceiling light in my bedroom.
2. Pile of items that seems to define my life right now: September issue of Vogue, some issue of Lucky (the only fashion magazine I actually read ritually), American history textbook, trusty college guide, sheet music for the hymn I sing in Our Town, yet unopened pack of Polaroid film, and some Polaroids I took on Friday when my musically inclined friends played a gig. (Both the photos and the music were stellar.)
3. Two of the more artsy shots I snapped. The film is way expired, probably by about five years, but I like the old quality it gives the pictures.
4-5. My bookshelf, which is much too small to properly shelve all of my books. (Note the double copies of Catcher in the Rye! I just reread it, and rerealized its magnificence.)
6. Cartoon and three poems clipped from The New Yorker, all many months old, that are taped right above my bed.
7. Venetian mask decorated in lace, Swarovski crystals, and gold paint that I bought in Rome last December. Probably my favorite souvenir I have ever bought anywhere.
8. Monet print that I got in Giverny. I loved it enough to actually get it framed!
9. Deliciously soft J.Crew sweater that I stole from Luke and have been living in lately.
10. My new poetry pad. Like I mentioned previously, I have developed a fondness for writing on legal pads.

I realize that you (or at least most of you) are here for fashion related reasons, but these are the things that I see and touch an am inspired by every day, in addition to fashion.

I am unsure whether this sort of post warrants a tag or not... but I would be so happy if Emmy, Sylvia, Frances, Jessica, Rebecca, Vanessa, and any other readers wanted to show a few snapshots of your daily life!
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Anonymous said...

these shots are so cute!!!
gorgeous, thanks for sharing the inspiration

check out my blog @

Pani La Mome said...

I love books too:)I salute from Poland!

Maya said...

i love books too, i really want to have a nice bookshelf with lots of books to stare at :)
thanks for dropped by anyway

Parapluie said...

Oh yes, I'm always impressed when I reread Catcher in the Rye again, too!

beckyxoxo said...

lovely pics ! :D

Clare said...

I love this idea. We bloggers talk to much just about fashion, and its nice to see what parts of the world make us tick other than just style. Beautiful pics, too!

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the photo - Your handwriting is like a font! (:
That mask is amazing.

Denise said...

great photos.
just perfect. Looks relaxing, and makes me wanna learn photography.

i love this post.

Taryn said...

The polaroids and mask pictures are my favorite :) I found 3 ancient polaroid cameras in my hall closet so now I will be tracking down the proper film for each.

Sylvia said...

I am so doing this! Love all the books!

jessica said...

ouh, i really really like these photos .
great job girl ♥

& i would love to do this tag, thank you :]

Anonymous said...

yesss digging the tag...while going through this i was thinking "oh crap, now i really want to do this."


Vanessa said...

!! hahahsafdas you have no clue how flattered i am that you tagged me. i am so excited to do this post :)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate non fashion posts, this one was fascinating! you're so literary!

indigotangerine said...

catcher in the rye is such an amazing book! I have SO many books (more than two completely packed bookcases) I like seeing the everyday things in bloggers lives. I like all the inspiration you've tucked around your room

Rosie Unknown said...

OMFG! Amazing pictures!

Valencia Lia said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog girl ! So sweet of you:)

You won't regret buying your Doc Martens. because they're really so beautiful to match with outfits.

I love the snapshots around your room.
Adore the books that you have and the Venetian mask. Gorgeous:)

And you write poems ? That's really cool. Maybe you could share one or two.
And I say your post below on the FNO! Ahhhh,really so envious of you.Singapore(from where I from) didn't cover it . sad:(

Added you to my blogroll this instant.Really love your blog <3

Christen said...

Your pictures are really beautiful. And that Venetian mask is simply beyond. Loves it!

Lemon said...

i LOVE these everyday photos (and the idea of it). beautiful-striking photography! love the sloppy lovely books, the colour of your walls(!!) and tapped up poem sections.

annie said...

thanks for the comment.
You have a really nice collection of pictures on your blog.

I've linked you on my blog :)


Yumeko said...

i love those pics
actually ur whole blog has lovely pictures!!

Valeriesoh said...

wow... it's like a warm and cosy antique looking thing.

my daily snapshots involves frantic fashion shoes and models. arrrghhhh...

alexkeller said...

you have some good books there :)

Martynique said...

me too.


Couture Carrie said...

Love these snapshots, darling, especially the books!


Giovanna ♥ said...

Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing the inspiration!!
You have a fabulous blog :)
Thanks for commenting on mine!

Giovanna ♥ said...

Oh I forgot, let me know if you wish to swap links on the blogroll :)

Marcia B. said...

Girl, your blog is too interesting, i would love to raid your room! xxx

Tasha said...

Lucky magazine is one of the best!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I have never read lucky, but if you say so...

Amelia said...

Love this post. My life is much the same as yours at this point (ruled by the college search). I just started my blog and am always looking for new inspiration. It great to get a look into your lovely life.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Love the 371 Best Colleges Princeton Review book! Looked at that all year during my junior year of high school. Thank god I'm in college. I go to Smith College! You should look into it if you're interested!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...